Thursday, October 31, 2013


I've never known why they call the first episode of any TV show that, but here is to tradition.

I'm not too sure what a first post should entail so if I happen upon a great idea later, we can call that my first post. :)

A little about me:

I am a fashionista (in my head): my wallet does not support my persnickety decisions
I fret over trivial things in life
I lead a serious lifestyle: comprising of disney movies and cupcakes
I stress bake, a lot
I am probably the world's most confident (and loud) bathroom singer

I experience existential crisis, once every two weeks at least, however, I'm sure this is just a phase

and I love my peoples. I do. They are the best.

Join this hooligan on her adventure through the blogosphere.


  1. You're my favorite hooligan! <3
    Your existential crises are more like once every two hours- don't kid yourself.

  2. I approve of the word "persnickety."
    Congrats on starting a blog!

  3. Hey there~ Welcome to the blogging world! I found your blog through Hima Hearts. I hope you continue to blog and have fun!

    Take care~~


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